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Our partners play a vital role in enhancing digital transformation through the use of technology.


In a world driven by digital transformation, we specialize in providing cloud services to the finance and insurance sectors in North America through nearshoring.

Let’s embrace the power of technology, unlock new opportunities, and create a future of innovation.

Cloud services

Digital Banking



Cloud Services

We create value in cloud providing:

  • A journey to cloud infrastructure.
  • Monolith designs to cloud native/agnostic microservices.
  • Intra-journeys where we can help improve the services and/or app runtimes to be more efficient and optimized.
  • DevOps implementation.

Our clients

About Us

We are a technology company specializing in delivering service experiences that drive technological and digital transformation. We collaborate with your team to develop impactful solutions across various industries, including Finance, Healthcare, and Retail, utilizing nearshoring strategies.
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Our principal team

Our team comprises exceptional leaders and experts who excel in innovation and consistently deliver outstanding results

Esteban Alonso


Otoniel Úsuga

Chief Operations Officer

Neelkanth Singh

Chief growth officer

Marcelo Damiani

International Operations Manager

Joaquin Salvador Muntaner

Head of Digital Growth (North America)

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