Guidewire Implementation Deck

3 Work Subsystems:

Technical Details:

Sofka´s Mission:

Optimize the utilization of Guidewire within SURA projects, ensuring efficient development, seamless integration, and robust testing.

1. Development Focus on Claims Center:

All Sofkians assigned to SURA projects involving Guidewire are actively engaged in developing functionalities within the core of the Claims Center. This includes modifications of PCFS, integration with other SURA applications, and proficient management and configuration of message queues using RabbitMQ.

2. Sofka's Development Team:

We have a dedicated team of three Sofkians actively developing in Guidewire. Additionally, we have skilled Quality Assurance (QA) professionals focused on testing to maintain the highest standards of quality in our solutions.

3. Guidewire Training Program:

Sofka has implemented a specialized training program designed to equip Sofkians with the necessary skills for developing in any core application of Guidewire (Claim Center, Policy Center, Billing Center). The course covers a comprehensive range of topics, including Gosu programming language, graphical interface management (PCF creation and modification), messaging handling, service publication/consumption, naming standards, quality assurance, and unit testing.

4. Support from Transversal Leadership Team:

Sofka acknowledges the importance of a collaborative environment. Our transversal leadership team provides technical support whenever needed, ensuring that Sofkians have the expertise to address any functional requirement that may arise beyond their immediate scope.

5. Deployment Model:

SURA’s Guidewire projects operate on an On-Premise deployment model, offering a tailored and robust solution to meet specific needs.

Tools and Technologies

Sofka leverages a suite of tools and technologies in conjunction with Guidewire including:

  • RabbitMQ for message queue management.
  • Codenarc for code review and quality assurance.
  • Azure Pipelines for efficient pipeline management.
  • ff4j for feature toggle management
    And other tools that enhance the development and testing processes.


  • Reduction of workload staffing for reviewing the claims, whether those can be paid or closed.
  • Decrease in customer response time.
  • Access to additional policy Information.
  • Access to key data for each risk prevention of reprocessing.

Our solutions

  • Continuous Training and Skill Development: Implementing ongoing training programs and upskilling initiatives to ensure Sofkians stay abreast of the latest Guidewire developments and industry trends.


  • Agile Development Practices: Adopting agile methodologies to enhance flexibility, facilitate quick adaptations, and ensure efficient responses to changing project requirements.


  • Collaborative Problem-Solving: Encouraging a collaborative environment where Sofkians work closely with the transversal leadership team, fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and proactive problem-solving.


  • Review of the documentation available in Guidewire on Rule Sets that would allow the development of a sequence of rules to automatically validate whether the payment could be processed or not.


  • Support from other teams for intervention in the Policy Center application and the creation of a client that consumes the service.


This Sofka´s use case outlines how we are actively contributing to the success of SURA’s Guidewire projects, overcoming challenges through continuous training, agile practices, and collaborative problem-solving.

By focusing on the Claim Center, Sofka aims to optimize development processes, ensure high-quality solutions, and contribute to the overall success of SURA’s digital transformation journey.