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Enhancing Data Repository Availability

Enhancing Data Repository Availability​


Sura, a prominent player in the insurance sector, faced a formidable challenge as they grappled with the exponential growth of data and the surge in the number of users. Their existing infrastructure, though robust, was strained under the sheer volume and complexity of the data and the demands of the ever-increasing user base.

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Increase the availability of their current data repository. Address bottlenecks caused by the fixed processing capacity in a cost-effective manner.


Sofka Technologies, a trusted partner in digital transformation, stepped in with a cutting-edge solution. The primary strategy was to implement a modern, scalable, and cost-effective data repository through a Lakehouse architecture. This innovative approach allowed for the seamless integration of data from various sources, ensuring its availability and accessibility for a growing user base.


The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Sura witnessed a significant enhancement in data availability, with the new architecture efficiently accommodating the growing data volumes. The bottlenecks and processing limitations that had previously hindered operations were successfully addressed. The cost-effectiveness of the solution was particularly noteworthy, as it leveraged existing infrastructure and technology investments while significantly improving performance and scalability.


Sura’s partnership with Sofka Technologies yielded a transformative solution that not only increased data availability but also streamlined their operations. The adoption of a Lakehouse architecture showcased the potential of modern data management strategies and positioned Sura as a forward-looking leader in the industry. This case study underscores the value of strategic technological choices in addressing contemporary business challenges.

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